NoRayne NoFlowers

pun intended.

norayne_noflowers is about balance and interconnectedness. It is a holistic approach to sustainability when it comes to consumption. "sustainability", a word that has been used in many contexts, but will only thrive when seen as a whole. as a concept that respects all parts of a supply chain. consumers, suppliers, and everything in between. humans. with a human mind and consciousness. 

Rayne works at the crossroads of fashion ecology and mindfulness. This is not your standard consulting firm. It is unique, creative, holistic and effective. 

Let's transform not only your business but also the busy-ness in your mind. 

About Ray


founder of norayne_noflowers

My own path of personal and professional development has led me across a profound education in business, supply chain management and yogic teachings towards the arts of modern spirituality and working in the fields of sustainable fashion.

I decided to fuse those energies, connect the dots of my knowledge, and create a platform that manifests the necessity of a sustainable world as a holistic approach.

Without Rayne, there would be no flowers.

Why Rayne

and what about the flowers?

Rayne is a (often used as feminine) first name indicating the personality traits of someone who is a strong and trustful counselor. someone who is kind, unique and smart. someone who will light up your day with their beauty and compassion.
As Rayne embodies the values of environmental awareness, ethical consumption and confidence, her consulting will ensure your value chain flourishes while making sure the planet can as well.
As interconnectedness teaches us, without the rain there would be no flowers.